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We are a Manchester-based research agency. We help organisations put people at the heart of what they do.


Listen up


Organisations shout loudly about wanting a genuine human connection with their customers, and for good reason – having a more intimate customer relationship has been proven to drive commercial success.

But businesses are becoming removed from what really drives people, making decisions informed by statistics and overlooking human context.

The result is a dehumanised system, with people reduced to a string of data and a consumer group, rather than real individuals with rich lives beyond their interactions with organisations.

To get back to true human connection, we need to really listen to people

Wisdom from within


At Tipi, we seek out wisdom from within the people that matter. Wisdom that helps you put people at the heart of everything you do and transform your organisation’s perspective.

We use person-centred techniques to ground your business in the real world, and help you listen to the lives and needs of real people.

We build our research around the person, not the brand. This allows us to ask the right questions, to truly listen to what drives a person and understand their unique perspective.

We are trained in therapeutic techniques that we have adapted to gain genuine, human insight rooted in an individual’s experience and frame of reference, not our own preconceptions.

We call this Radical Listening™.


What our clients have to say

Where it works

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Our unique therapeutic approach helps respondents to speak honestly about social issues. We speak to respondents from all backgrounds and cultural perspectives, which helps us to gain a holistic view and identify blind spots.

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Place & Communities

People have the unique role of creating, decoding and expressing the culture of the Places they inhabit. We help you understand that cultural fingerprint and translate it into a Place that resonates with your audience.

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We use Radical Listening to understand how a product or service fits into an individual’s life, then use this wisdom to identify new creative territories We explore how messaging, tone and executional elements are landing, and see what can be adjusted to help people emotionally connect with your campaign.

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We ground ourselves in the respondent’s world to fully appreciate their motivations. We then use this insight to help you develop and evaluate a brand that truly connects with your audience.

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Experiencing the retail environment through your audience’s eyes will help you understand what matters to them when considering store design, category management and merchandising.