We Are Tipi

We are free-thinkers who dig deeper than traditional market research. We unearth unconscious response, behaviour and cultural influences and leverage your business’s intuition to help you make wise decisions.

What people think
and say

Consulting people on their opinions still has its place. With years of experience with traditional methods from focus groups and workshops, interviews, shops and surfs, to online and mobile, we’ve got it covered.

What they feel
and do

People struggle to tell us how they feel and they’re notoriously bad at predicting how they’ll behave. We use a range of ethnographic, implicit and indirect techniques to capture real emotion and behaviour.

Cultural and behavioural

No man is an island: social and cultural factors impact on decisions. We use semiotics, cultural analysis and behavioural insight to understand why people feel and behave the way they do.

Strategic thinking
and intuition

Research should work in tandem with your existing knowledge and experience. We unlock internal wisdom by getting deeply immersed in your business, then join it up with research in active and participatory debriefs.


Customer immersion

Usage and attitudes

In-situ behaviour and impact
(in store, at home, online)


Brand, creative, communications, products and services

From identifying territory to final execution

What Our clients have to say

“I was really impressed with Tipi's approach; it was thorough, highly engaging and professional and they left us with a very well interpreted and highly actionable set of outcomes.”

Alex, Digital Marketer, One Manchester

“Tipi provided a brilliant debrief and turned it all around very quickly. It gave us clear direction for brand development and more depth/richness around our consumer segments. Feedback from the whole team was really positive.”

Hugh, Insight Manager, Calbee

“You won’t find anyone more enthusiastic about research! Lorna gets fully involved in all aspects of a project and is not afraid to voice if something is not working and come up with ideas. Her style is very engaging; she tells a story and provides clear direction for the future.”

Lauren, Insight Manager, MPS

“We worked with Tipi to acquire a clearer understanding of where we should focus our marketing push. Lorna’s insight, understanding and strategic thinking helped us create a more focused proposition. I’d recommend them highly.”

Fran, CEO, Whaleslide